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Postby BossHog » Thu Jan 15, 2004 2:40 pm

Wingman wrote:Boss- I am still not feeling the love, brother.

How about now?

I hope ya feel bad knowing that it comes from this picture:


Remember that buddy? Feel better now?

Check out them slick visors.


I did a pic for DEHog, though I'll have to do a bigger one for you soon... didn't think it was fair to make you wait.

And RedskinsFreak, I was pretty sure I could guess what you'd want for an avatar, but if I was incorrect just let me know.

Congrats to the new century club.

If I've neglected you... send hailskins666 a PM and we'll gather a list of ones to do over the next coupla days.

Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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Postby DEHog » Fri Jan 16, 2004 6:01 am

Thanks Boss...nice to be on the Map!!
"Sean Taylor is hands down the best athlete I've ever coached it's not even close" Gregg Williams 2005 Mini-Camp

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