This is the worst case scenario for Gibbs...

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This is the worst case scenario for Gibbs...

Postby Skinsfan55 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 5:12 pm

People said Joe Gibbs would have too hard a time coming back from 12 years away from football... we laughed them off.

People said the game changed too much for him... we laughed them off.

People said that Gibbs would be out of touch, he'd be interfered with by Snyder and he'd tarnish his legacy by coming back to Washington and failing. We laughed them off.

Now, all these things people were saying are coming true. We got Joe Gibbs the best offensive and defensive minds in football, we work wonders with the cap and sign players to deals that boggle the minds of people in football wondering how we play with the cap so effectively.

Yet none of it is translating into on the field success.

The Redskins have a talented roster, yet we seem to be signing players who don't fit into our system (Arch, Carter)...

In addition we've been flushing draft picks down the toilet.

The Redskins are becoming pretty predictable with the draft, keep one high pick, trade the rest away, hope and pray the 5th and 6th rounders you get can even make the roster, let alone develop into everyday players.

The story will be no different this year, the Redskins traded away picks again this year, possibly even trading 1st round picks with the Denver Broncos. This would mean, of course, that the Redskins will not even reap the minor benefits of a terrible season. They will not be getting a high first round pick with which to draft another star like Carlos Rogers or Sean Taylor... oh wait.

Speaking of drafting stars, Joe Gibbs hand picked, and was enamored with Auburn signal caller Jason Campbell a few years ago. Some of us held our breath at the time... media types said the Redskins were insane for picking Campbell... he was probably a decent QB, but he had a bad deep ball, wasn't particularly smart, wasn't really mobile...

Still, we believed Gibbs knew best... that if he, the football sage decided that Jason Campbell was good enough to be a franchise quarterback for the Redskins... then dammit... he was!

It's two years later now, and you never hear about Campbell anymore... because he has never taken a snap in an NFL game. So little is known about Campbell's ability Scouts Inc does not have a complete scouting report of him despite the fact he's been in the league for two freaking years.

Still, all is not lost for Gibbs, he still has two and a half years to undo this worst case scenario.

1.) Push for the hiring of a general manager.
-I have long been a proponent of general managers in sports. One man simply cannot coach and be a general manager. It's insane. They are two incredibly demanding jobs... trying to do both rarely ever works.

2.) Draw the lines of power more brightly.
-Joe Gibbs becomes more of an advisor and PR man. He is excellent at these things, and it slides him more into the president role he'll be taking soon.

-The GM, whoever he or she may be should have absolute final decision making power over who joins the team. Coaches may decide to cut people, but the GM decides which players come to the team.

-Danny and Vinny are obviously salary cap masters, they assist the GM in figuring the cap, and the coaches with the ramifications of cutting certain players. In addition Dan obviously has full control over hiring and firing of coaches, GM's, etc. etc. He's the owner.

-Saunders and Williams are given more power, they should be on the field IMO running their units and calling ALL the plays. Whichever one looks like the more apt to be able to handle being a full coach gets the job in two years. It's probably Williams...

I think this would work, but the Danny might not want to give up any of the nearly unlimited power he has... still, delegating power is what makes good owners great. He needs to see that professional football men might know a little bit more about the game than he does.

This is obviously a hard thing for Dan to even think about, because he didn't make a billion dollars by sitting around... but the best thing for the Redskins is for him to step back a bit.

Gibbs bears responsibility too, because I don't think for a second that Dan hasn't given him SOME power...

IMO, fellow fans don't realize the mess we could potentially be in for the future. It may be years before Washington is an elite team again.
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Postby Fios » Mon Oct 23, 2006 5:13 pm

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