Skins Get a Defensive Tackle!

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Skins Get a Defensive Tackle!

Postby Jake » Wed Aug 20, 2003 1:08 pm

The Skins traded for Martin Chase today from the Saints for a seventh round pick, but the pick could become a 6th rounder if Chase performs certain season accomplishments. I don't like this trade because Chase isn't that good and the Skins went for a backup instead of Grady Jackson. The Saints said they weren't going to trade Jackson. If I was Skins GM, and I heard them tell me that, I would say, "Peace Out, don't want anyone but Jackson". I honestly don't want Jackson, so I would've traded for Ted Washington. I would've traded the Bears a seventh rounder and a player to be named later, since they wanted a fourth rounder.
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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Wed Aug 20, 2003 11:48 pm

One thing to remember is that the tackles, while they are important, are not the primary run stoppers. They are to engage the big OLmen and open gaps for LBs to run through to get the runner or prevent the OL from opening gaps forcing the HB to the outside for the faster DEs and LBs to maul them. That was one of the things Grant and Butz were famous for - not storming the backfield and making tackles but jamming opposing backs up for our ::ahem:: "mediocre" linebackers of the 80's to take 'em down.

The two starting DTs for New Orleans, Grady Jackson and Norman Hand had 43 and 39 tackles respecively. Their LBs and safeties had twice as much or more. And in order to illustrate my point from above, their two DEs had half again as many tackles.

My point is simply that while this guy may be a backup, he has progressively gotten more play behind two good DTs as part of a rotation having 19 tackles, 11 assists and 2 stuffs being a third or fourth DT. To me, that shows he at least may bring some promise to the table.

The only other thing is when you are playing a NT and a blitzer like they are planning under Edwards defensive scheme, you will get burnt from the run sometimes. (Not all the time like we did against the panthers, but sometimes.)

I expect to see better things from the Skins when they stop the shuffling, play all the starters, which they haven't yet, settle on who is playing what situations and start playing the real playbook instead of "run left" "run right" defensive schemes. As an ex LB/RB, I know a little about defenses and they are running a defense so bland right now that I would say vanilla would be too descriptive.

I hope I am right and you are wrong Jake, but not for any other reason than we stop the run better. :)
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