WP Article on Unique Offense

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WP Article on Unique Offense

Postby ACW » Sat Oct 06, 2012 3:45 pm

http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/re ... print.html
The Washington Redskins spent the offseason cobbling together an offensive system for rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III that is a blend of elements from various offensive approaches seen over the years in both college and pro football. And in the early stages of the season, perhaps the only thing more challenging than stopping the offense concocted by the Redskins for Griffin has been describing it— or, worse yet, naming it.

“I would say it’s a hybrid West Coast slash spread-option offense,” veteran Redskins offensive tackle Jordan Black said, making his attempt at a description.

And what about a name?

“We ran the West Coast before,” said Coach Mike Shanahan. “Well, this is the East Coast” offense.

Okay, then.

Whatever it’s called, it’s working so far. The Redskins enter Sunday’s game in Tampa against the Buccaneers ranked first in the NFL in scoring offense, having averaged 33 points per outing in their first three games. They’re sixth in total offense, based on yards gained, and second in rushing offense, thanks in large part to Griffin’s contributions as a runner as well as a passer.

“Regardless of who we play,” Black said, “if we run this offense right, it’s pretty much unstoppable.”

The Redskins’ system has ingredients of the spread offense seen commonly in college football; the college-based option running game that puts the ball in Griffin’s hands to keep, hand off or pitch out; the pistol, a variation of the shotgun formation, also with its origins in the college game; the West Coast passing game so popular throughout the NFL; and the zone blocking scheme and stretch running plays that Shanahan-coached teams have employed with great success, as when the Denver Broncos were winning Super Bowls with Terrell Davis at tailback.

“It’s a blend of a lot of different things,” Shanahan said. “We tried to take a look at what Robert does best within our system and try to incorporate a few other variables that he enjoys and he feels confident in. And then you just keep on growing as you grow together.”

The system is derivative of many offenses but identical to none of them, at least not at all times.

Amazing what a QB can do.

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Postby rskin72 » Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:51 pm

That, and a pretty creative and flexible coaching staff....
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