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Postby SouthLondonRedskin » Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:08 pm

Deadskins wrote:
SouthLondonRedskin wrote:If we wait another year to adress the secondary then we aint winning ...

Why not? We won 10 games with that crew last year.

A tougher schedule, people working out ways to shut down RGIII, that sort of thing.

If we rely on outscoring our opponents rather than stopping them from scoring also then it'll catch up with us at some point.

We have a good offense, lots of people will have been studying it and looking at ways of stopping it next season.

It'd be really helpful to them if the D could stop the big play and limit teams to under 400 yards passing...
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Postby PulpExposure » Wed Mar 13, 2013 8:24 pm

Chris Luva Luva wrote:I get that we can use an upgrade at RT, but is the Polumbus hate a bit blown out of proportion?

I mean, didn't Alfred set the single season rushing record? Didn't RGIII win ROTY? Didn't we have a top 5 offense? You don't do those things with a horrific RT... Granted his play was adequate, but people speak of him as if we finished at the bottom of the NFC EAST with the 28th ranked offense. lol

I think our offensive line was protected a lot by RG3 and the scheme we ran. While you can certainly point to Morris's fantastic rushing season, a lot of that was done on his own (he was top 5 in broken tackles). Not so sure that it was due mostly to our offensive line; look at short yardage, where the offensive line matters alot...we could could absolutely not block short yardage. Football Outsiders calls this "power rank", where we ranked 24th. Regardless, when you break down run average by where it went, last year our runs off RT were ranked 28th with an average of 3.36 yards per carry.

Also, in pass protection, we ranked 23rd by adjusted sack rate.

We clearly have room to improve there, and of all the players on the line, Polumbus was the worst of our starters. Could we survive another season with him? Sure. But if there are alternatives...why not look for them?

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Postby yupchagee » Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:00 pm

1niksder wrote:
Irn-Bru wrote:Sounds like insurance in case Polumbus leaves town. A backup at best (or so I'd hope).

More like Jordan Black's replacement

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