Finally, something good to discuss!!!

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Finally, something good to discuss!!!

Postby Chris Luva Luva » Mon May 20, 2013 12:23 pm

“That was obviously an issue I wished I could’ve improved upon last year. … I’m working hard on that,” Forbath said. “It’s technique. It’s not a power thing, it’s making the same contact every time. … You’re coming full-speed at the ball, and you’re trying to make solid contact. Sometimes you get out of control and lose balance. I always liken kicking to golf, which is why I golf so much. It’s about making that same swing every time and getting that contact, and you can improve as you go on.”

To my knowledge, we haven't touched upon this on the forum yet. We've talk about perceived improvements in the obvious areas, but it's the smaller things like this that have been lost between the cracks.
It's good to know that it's a technique issue. I'm inclined to believe him, because he has plenty of legs in his FG attempts. It makes purpose sense that the running involved in kickoffs is throwing him off. Plus, I love the golf swing reference. Anyone who's played knows that the harder you swing, the worse your shot will be. You must be consistent and swing easily.

Hopefully he doesn't wear his leg down perfecting his technique.
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