Trade Rg3 while his stock is still high

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Re: Trade Rg3 while his stock is still high

Postby Irn-Bru » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:57 am

crazyhorse1 wrote:Maybe no one noticed, but Robert was great against the Giants. 24 for 32 should have been 30 for 32. Six passes dropped. He also gained over eighty yards on the ground and achieved a PR over 100. We lost because of sins of others, including referees. If this is the way he continues to play, he should stay in there. I withdraw my former proposal that he sit the rest of the season out. Against the G's, he was a premiere quarterback and deserved the win.

"I’m never under the assumption that you draft for need. You draft the best available football player on the board. ... Because, in the long run, they are the ones who will help you win the most games." - Scot McCloughan

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Re: Trade Rg3 while his stock is still high

Postby SkinsJock » Wed Dec 04, 2013 8:27 am

Kilmer72 wrote:
SkinsJock wrote:I agree ch1 but the OP wants to trade Robert while we could get something for him … :lol:
and we have 1 poster that thinks we may not be able to bring in a new HC because Robert is the QB
that is just crazy!

:shock: Really? I must have missed that one.

let me help - this from OldSchool on Monday …
No way Griffin gets traded or benched. They couldn't trade him now if they wanted to for anything worth swallowing their pride for with his gimpy leg and sad sack performance. I doubt anyone would give the Skins even 1 first round pick after Griffin's pitiful performance this year confirmed he can't read and release fast enough to excel in the NFL.

They won't bench Griffin until Snyder gets fed up, cuts Shanny loose and the new coach negotiates benching Griffin authority as part of the hiring process.

If Shanny gets fired the QB job is going to be competed for in 2014.

c'mon man! - can you really see a HC like Gruden or Cowher stating that he wants to have "benching Griffin authority as part of the hiring process" :shock:


this poster claims that he's been watching NFL games for about 50 years …. :lol:

that post shows a complete lack of knowledge IMO :twisted:
Apart from some stupid fans here, nobody really expects the Redskins to do well - We need to get rid of Bruce Allen bring in some good people and let them completely rebuild this franchise
Thankfully, Kirk Cousins is no longer the QB

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Re: Trade Rg3 while his stock is still high

Postby Kilmer72 » Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:54 pm

LMAO!!! No I forgot that one somehow SkinsJock and I'm afraid to scroll back.

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