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Re: Josh Wilson - DB

Postby Chris Luva Luva » Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:27 am

DarthMonk wrote:
Chris Luva Luva wrote:D. Hall deserves to be paid a fair salary for his performance. I believe he had one of the better years of his career, so I don't particulary subscribe to the idea that... He's not washed up. We aren't doing him a favor by signing him to a contract. He deserves a contract, he will play in this league if we don't sign him. D. Hall on a team with a pass rush that's worth a gotd*** would be highly effective. Our CB's get ZERO support. ZERO. There's no pass rush and garbage help from the safeties. So IMHO, it says a lot that he put up the performance that he did. And IMHO, our CB's are held back from performing to their potential due to the garbage surrounding them.

Let me say this... I don't think we have probowl CB's. :lol: But I truly believe that it's the hardest position to play in football. If it isn't the hardest, it's the second hardest. If you put Richard Sherman on last years defense, he wouldn't put up the same stats. He'd still be an amazing talent. But a CB cannot win if a QB has 8 seconds to throw. A CB cannot be aggressive if he knows his "help" is nowhere to be found.

Yeah, I heard a lot of talk about how the Seattle D was built "back to front" but I'm not buying. The play both 3-4 and 4-3 and they go 325, 310, and 305 up front with plenty of depth at the same size. To have a true nose allowing Cofield to be a monster DE ... Wilson might even look pretty good.

I totally agree that we need a true NT. We have an adequate NT... This defense will be nothing better than above average until we obtain one.
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