Offseason Plusses and Minuses

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Re: Offseason Plusses and Minuses

Postby KazooSkinsFan » Thu May 01, 2014 10:45 am

KazooSkinsFan wrote:
HEROHAMO wrote:Speaking of Freddy. I can remember a season ago I argued we should move on from Fred and stick with Paulsen. Looks like I was right again. LOL! But I also remember arguing that Haynesworth would be a probowler after leaving us. One time I think I was wrong. LOL!

While they are both TE's, Paulsen is basically a blocker and Freddy is primarily a receiver, so I don't think that was actually a good idea. Reed is a far better replacement for Freddy. We didn't have that last year, or we didn't know we didn't have that. Keeping Freddie was dubious, and ex-post it turned out to be a mistake, but it's hard to see ex-ante they should have known that and terminated him given we didn't really have another quality pass catching TE. And they were smart enough to not make a long term commitment to him.

My reasoning for Paulsen over Fred was simple. Paulsen has shown himself to be a very good blocker who can catch the ball. While he is not the fastest he certainly has size, can run a good route and catch the ball.

I feel like if we had given Paulsen more playing time. We would of protected our QB that much more. Helping out on the right side where our RT stinks. I am thinking we could of reduced some of the pressure on that side. Pluse Paulsen can run block as well.

Reed has certainly proven himself to be an asset and I am glad we have him. But I still feel like Paulsen can be a stud if given the chance. I think he can be similar to Pittsburgs TE. Luckily we are still strong as far as TEs go. But I am still confident if Paulsen was the starter. We would thrive in pass protection and running the ball on his side. But thats arguable since Paulsen probably wont start unless an injury happens.

This much I do know. Paulsen is the best pass/run blocking tight end we have. Which can be often be overlooked. I also feel like Paulsens pass catching is underestimated. Remember the Seattle playoff game? Paulsen caught that TD from RG3. I thought that was the start of something special. Ehh I just like Paulsen because he seems to do everything that I want from a tight end. Hes no Gronkowski but if he can start racking up the passing yards he could be.

My point was not that I disagreed with you that Paulsen is not better than Fred, my point is that I disagree with you that they are a comparison at all. While technically they are both tight ends, they are entirely different. We need both at least one pass oriented TE and one blocking oriented TE. You don't pick between them. Reed is a comparison to Fred, and a favorable one. Paulsen isn't any more a comparison to Fred than Trent Williams or Alfred Morris are.
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Re: Offseason Plusses and Minuses

Postby HEROHAMO » Fri May 02, 2014 2:34 am

Thats were we will agree to disagree. I believe Paulsen can be both. While he is not as fast as Jordan Reed his size allows him to get the jump balls. But since we now have both Paulsen and Reed we might as well utilize both.

I was arguing last season that we would be fine with Paulsen handling all the TE duties. I am sure many disagree with me. But in that playoff game vs Seattle Paulsen seemed to be doing fine vs one of the best defenses.

Anyhow not really arguing just getting my point across that I really like Paulsen and want to see him play more. Jordan Reed also looks to be a stud as well. Heck I want to see double TE packages which is common for Gruden anyhow.
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