Off-season reading: Shirley Povich selections

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Off-season reading: Shirley Povich selections

Postby welch » Mon Dec 11, 2017 1:45 pm

A great selection from the finest sportswriter of the 20th century... and we had him at the Post and could read him several times a week. Find "All Those Mornings...At the Post", a selection of columns by Shirley Povich.

For instance, in 1942 "Pro-Fotball, Inc., owners of the Washington Redskins (George Preston Marshall, president)" sued Povich for having written of a benefit game in which the Redskins played:

By what right the Redskins owners took $13,000 out of that gate before the Army Relief Society was paid off, we donpt know. The game wasn't advertised as for the Redskins' benefit, if we remember rightly. But the owners of the Redskins skimmed more dough off the top of that one than they got for any exhibition game on the [West] Coast....

That's how the Redskins justified their $13,000 take -- on the basis of training expenses for the game. But that was strictly malarky, and it still smells

So Povich began a column on October 30, 1942,

I won't be needing that $100,000 I have been trying to scrape together for the past 12 months.

Pro-Football, Inc, owners of the Washington Redskins (George Preston Marshall, president) seemed to think I owned that much scratch and wanted in, as we say in our set.

Pro-Football, Inc. (George Preston Marshall, president) sued me. They sued the publishers of the Washington Post, too, for $100,000. That may be a trifling sum for some people, but I did not want to be separated from my last $100,000 even if I did not have $100,000....

For the full story, see pages 103 - 109. For other stories just as good, read the entire book. Nope, nobody writes like Povich. We were lucky back then, and all Washingtonians were lucky to read Povich for a long time.

Buy it, among other places, at: ... ley+povich

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