Hello from NC

Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?
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Hello from NC

Postby GoKittens » Tue Jul 15, 2003 1:04 pm

Panthers fan here just stopping in to say hello. Nice site you have here. The name is GoKittens, but you can call me "GK". I'm looking forward to a little ribbing between us all in the next few weeks. We have a big game coming up. Too bad we can't talk too much shop yet, but I'm going to try.
First I would like to thank your coach for being boneheaded enough to let Davis go. He will be a key asset to our program this year. I'm sure Davis is going to be looking forward to the chance to show Spurrier just how large of a mistake it was to let him go. Too bad we have to wait until November to see that. Seeing as how our first meeting we will only see the starters for one set of downs (if even that).
So for this go 'round its going to be back-up vs back-up. Your second and third team against ours.
Prepare your stats..I'll be back in a few days.
Have a great day!

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Postby AfterDinnerMinter30 » Tue Jul 15, 2003 4:29 pm


I didn't want to say anything, but the Panthers have never beat the Skins. The Panthers have lost lead after lead against them. We might wanna keep the "ribbing" at a minimum, until Carolina wins in Week 11. :D

The Skins also ended my favorite player's career. :cry:


Tim Biakabutuka
Carolina in 2003!!!!!

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Postby BossHog » Tue Jul 15, 2003 10:23 pm

Now there's two words you don't hear together every day.. career and Biakabatuka :lowblow:

Now is that a nice welcome or what?

I watched Timyanga pretty closely being that I'm a fellow canuck.

Seriously... welcome to the board, and we'll see ya sooner than Week 11... we've got ya Aug.9 for a preseason game
Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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Postby AfterDinnerMinter30 » Sun Jul 20, 2003 3:35 pm


That's below the belt


the injury looked terrible though
Carolina in 2003!!!!!

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