Give them a little credit.

Talk about the Washington Redskins here. Do you bleed burgundy and gold?
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Give them a little credit.

Postby ANT7088 » Mon Nov 17, 2003 8:51 pm

We didn't get 1 penalty, plus we hung in with the Best team in the NFC. We didn't get killed with the ground game (Davis had like 87 yards), even though we gave up some stupid runs. Our line got alot more pressure this week than they usually do (they suck, but they were better). I give Bruce Smith credit, he's not great anymore but he gets alot of pressure (I'll take 3 more Smiths' over the other fat asses we have on the line). They have to start Cartwright this week he's the only one that moves the ball foward. If we can't win the rest of the games, let's lose all of them and get better draft picks. We need a RB, DT, DE, & TE that can block someone. They better not trade anymore draft picks (It'll kill us). Baily will be back (if he's dumb enough to want to stay in this disaster), but if not we'll get some good draft picks for him. Let's stay positive, let's hope Snyder keeps this team together and builds off the foundation he put together this year. If Spurrier can't get it together I really think he's gonna leave (I'm staring to hope). When we eventually get a new coach, it better be someone with NFL experience. Sorry to "babble" I'm pissed!


Spurrier needs to get out of town

Postby heylookitzdan » Mon Nov 17, 2003 9:25 pm

Eveer since he has been in Washington it has been all talk. he is leading his team to another disappointing year when he has a team that is capible to take to the playoffs. his teachings are all wrong on the professional level it is un real and he gave up his best offensive weapon in steve davis. dan snyder is also a moron for letting go marty 3 yrs ago.

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Postby skinz74 » Thu Nov 20, 2003 11:12 am

Please don't bring up that Marty guys name again. Look at his record in San Diego...we may be bad this year, but we're not that bad. Besides, he's a career playoff choker. Give OBC enouph rope to hang himself. Marty has enouph rope by now to lasso Hawaii.

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