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Wanted: Big WR [Ryan O'Halloran]

INDIANAPOLIS -- Redskins executive vice president Vinny Cerrato made an appearance in the media room last hour and answered questions for about 12-14 minutes at the Indiana Convention Center. It was the first time Cerrato or any Redskins executive had made a podium appearance since 2005.

Coach Jim Zorn preceded Cerrato at the podium but he didn't reveal anything new from his 31-minute session with two local reporters this morning.

Among the more interesting things Cerrato said was the Redskins do want to add a receiver with size. I would type "big receiver" but some people might misread that thinking they want a "name" receiver.

Although Cerrato said the Redskins are still evaluating the Brandon Lloyd situation, I find it hard to believe No. 85 will be back.

"We have two very good receivers that aren't as big," Cerrato said. "We're looking for a little bit bigger receiver because you need that in the West Coast offense, whether it be the draft or however we find one. We have one on the team that we like [Anthony Mix]. The draft has some big receivers that we're going to look at."

Among the other topics covered by Cerrato:

* After talking with Cerrato, Zorn and two team sources today, this appears to be the Redskins' want-to list: A receiver with size, one defensive end and one defensive tackle, a young center/guard and possibly a cornerback capable of playing the No. 3 spot until Carlos Rogers returns.

* Cerrato said the team and cornerback Shawn Springs "are on the same page" and he expects Springs to be back with the team in 2008.

* The Redskins don't expect to sign returner Rock Cartwright or QB Todd Collins before Feb. 29 because both players want to test the market. A team source said earlier today the Redskins expect Cartwright to return to the team after the money and job status he desires doesn't materialize.

* The Redskins are content to let Reed Doughty start at strong safety alongside LaRon Landry although they might sign a veteran to mentor the two youngsters.

* Don't expect the Redskins to be active in free agency because the pickings are rather slim: "Our cap situation is OK. There are limited guys in free agency and the price they'll be paid will be astronomical. I don't foresee us being a big player. It will be a shock to some not seeing us being a big player. Dan's plane won’t be fired up and ready to go. It will be a quiet start to free agency for us."

* Twelve teams used the franchise tag this off-season, something Cerrato sees as a continuing trend. "You know what you have and want to keep the core guys so keep the guys you know instead of the unknowns. Teams that are winning feel comfortable doing that and feel they don't need a big turnover."

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