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Postby skinsfan#33 » Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:52 pm

CanesSkins26 wrote:
What I am saying is VJ isn't an elite WR and by that I mean he isn't a top ten WR (i might not even put him in the top 20). He would be somewhere bellow Tana on my list.

That is an absolute joke. Below Moss? Not top 20? Time to take off the homer glasses. In 2010 Jackson was in the top 10 in the NFL in yards, average per reception, catches for 1st downs, and td's. How is that not elite?

Which Jackson? I was taking Vincent Jackson. He was none of what you stated last year.
He only has two good seasons. His best season isn't as good as Moss' and Moss had that with a noodle armed QB not a elite QB like Rivers. Moss has been more productive than VJ over the past four years if you take Moss' best four and they are better than VJ's. Moss' worst two are better than VJ's. Moss is just better!

VJ is only bigger and younger, and I would take him over Moss only because of that and only if he didn't have legal issues, which he does. He is simply not an top 20 guy.

I know you don't agree and you would have a lot of people that would agree with you, but l also know I'm right Vincent Jackson.

I guarantee if he becomes a Skin, he will go down as just another high priced bust!
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