Kiper has Skins taking Morris Claiborne in his first mock

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Postby DarthMonk » Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:02 pm

KazooSkinsFan wrote:
DarthMonk wrote:If we end up on the clock at #6 I hope we will have already signed a guy like Bowe and then trade down. We showed last year that this is not as difficult to do as some might think.

It's not easy or difficult, it's opportunistic. Someone has to WANT your pick enough to give you value for it. You should always be open to it, you should never count on it.

So therefore it is easy if someone wants your pick and difficult if no one does. Or I guess it's still easy if you trade down for inadequate value and still difficult if you want the Moon and no one is willing to be an idiot.

So yeah, OK, not easy or difficult. :roll:

My point was last year I read post after post about how tough it is to trade down and we managed to do it again and again ... and again - thus - it is not as difficult to do as some might think.

Anyway, yeah, we should always be open to it, never count on it, but, by the same token, we should never assume it can't be done.
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