Luck, Robert Griffin III no longer having dueling pro days

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Luck, Robert Griffin III no longer having dueling pro days

Postby 1niksder » Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:32 pm

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III no longer having dueling pro days

NFL scouts will be able to attend the pro days of both Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III after all.

Baylor’s pro day workout has been moved to March 21, one day before Stanford’s, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports. Luck and Griffin were initially scheduled to have their pro days simultaneously.

The schedule change just makes sense: The point of pro days is to give prospects an opportunity to show their stuff to every scout or coach or personnel executive who’s interested, and if the top two quarterbacks (and maybe the top two overall prospects regardless of position) are working out on the same day, then scouts and coaches and personnel executives will have to choose to watch one or the other.

On the other hand, the Colts are the only one team that has to choose between Luck and Griffin. The Colts will draft one of them first overall as the heir apparent to Peyton Manning, and for other teams the biggest question is how much they’d be willing to give up in a trade to the Rams to move into the No. 2 slot to select the quarterback the Colts don’t take. So the Colts are the only team that will have a choice between Luck and Griffin. But now no team will have to choose between their pro days.

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