Ten Pre-Draft Trade Candidates

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Ten Pre-Draft Trade Candidates

Postby 1niksder » Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:15 am

Ten Pre-Draft Trade Candidates

The NFL draft breeds player movement. And not just in terms of rookie picks.

Player personnel executives around the league are currently tweaking rosters to be as least position-needy as possible entering the draft. That way, clubs set themselves up to select the "best players available." By May 1, rosters must be readied for the heart of OTA season.

Veteran player trades were disallowed leading up to and during last year's lockout-affected draft, but in 2010 we saw a whopping 18 trades in the month of April. 24 vets were involved, including Donovan McNabb, Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes, Leon Washington, Ted Ginn, Tony Scheffler, and Jason Campbell.

April is the most trade-happy month on the NFL calendar.

Here's an in-depth look at ten pre-draft trade candidates, with some more listed at the end.

Click link above to few list

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