Survivor Pool on CBS

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Re: Survivor Pool on CBS

Postby ACW » Wed Sep 03, 2014 1:57 am

DarthMonk wrote:
ACW wrote:
Deadskins wrote:Most of us here use Yahoo for FF, including THNFF, so we're all happy this is in Yahoo.
Why not use it for Hognostications then? :?:

Asked and answered, bro.

Here's one example. Sometimes someone fails to make picks for a really good reason. Then they get 16 (or so) wrong. Then they quit playing. CBS lets me give that guy the worst score of the week minus one. They get hurt but not crushed and keep playing.

Yahoo! does not let me do that.

Just bookmark the CBS page for crying out loud. You can even adjust settings so the page opens a tab every time you log on to your computer.


BTW - you're a good Hognosticator. Good luck.
Thanks. Yahoo doesn't let you do that? Messed up.
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