Broncos' defense rides to the rescue, for a change

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Broncos' defense rides to the rescue, for a change

Postby caroledauthier » Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:51 am

The defense had become Orange Mush. Pulp and puree. Fluffy like cotton candy. Velvety as chocolate pudding.

Through seven games the Broncos' defense was a moveable feast and a permeable indulgence for opposing offenses. Before Sunday, the Broncos were ranked 32nd against the pass and 30th overall.

The Broncos had a hypersonic, scramjet offense and a septic tank defense. And it was beginning to seem that the Broncos couldn't make it to the Super Bowl, or even into first place in the AFC West over the Chiefs if they couldn't stop a runny nose.

On a resplendent Sunday afternoon the Broncos scored 45 points and a team-record 31 points in the fourth quarter. But guess who won this game?

The Crush Crew.
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