We are playing the 49ers guys

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Re: We are playing the 49ers guys

Postby El Mexican » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:40 pm

riggofan wrote:
El Mexican wrote:A win's a win, but again no running game.

We're using the screen as a substitute for a rushing game. That's a terrible idea.

Wasn't for lack of trying. Think they ran 27 rushing plays (not including the 4 KC scrambles), so its not correct to say that they substituted screens for running the ball. The rushing game just wasn't very good, and it sucks that Kirk was the second leading rusher yesterday.

I think you still have to give them credit for sticking with it. Those running plays eat up a lot of clock even when they're not gaining a lot of yards. Time of possession in this game was Redskins 36 minutes to 49ers 23.

All that said, god I hated that Niles Paul run on the goal line. What garbage!!! :D

Ok, that's true. But that may be due to SF's pathetic first-half gameplay more than anything.

This goes to the core of what makes a West Coast team clic. I'm still struggling with that here in DC.

But hey, that's Gruden's style. It's clear that he'll go full throttle to prove that his flavor of West Coast Offense can be effective.

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