Vikings @ Redskins

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Re: Vikings @ Redskins

Postby SkinsJock » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:10 pm

Deadskins wrote:
SkinsJock wrote:Over time Jay Gruden has made some incredibly bad play calls and decisions when we've needed him to come up with something 'special' - VERY disappointing
I don't understand running Chris Thompson on a Heavy Jumbo play up the gut. Why wasn't Perrine in there for that?

Send Rose to on-side kicking school. That's his second horrible attempt out of two tries.

not sure why these guys don't use a higher tee on these on-side kicks so they can chip/kick it, or ensure the ball bounces high in the air
the ball MUST go 10 yards

when you're a kicker all you have to do is practice kicks - and the on-side kick must be a part of that

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