Salsa and Chip Dip Recipes?

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Salsa and Chip Dip Recipes?

Postby cjpck44 » Tue Apr 13, 2004 3:20 pm

After years of buying store bought salsa (still good when you need it), last year I experimented with making my own. Some good, some bad.

Just thought of this at work, but I'll go home and post some of my better chip dip recipes.

For now, does anyone out there have a good salsa or chip dip recipe I can try this year? (I've already got the recipes with barley and hops)

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Postby NikiH » Tue Apr 13, 2004 4:21 pm

I have a good dip using salsa but have never been brave enough to make my own salsa though. I cannot wait to see your recipes.
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Postby cjpck44 » Wed Apr 14, 2004 2:32 pm

Give me another day, didn't have time yet to post them. It's fun and if not that much healthier for you it's not much worse either. (well, some of them anyway)
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Postby tx_skins_fan » Sat Apr 17, 2004 9:59 am

The best dip for tortilla chips is very simple to make. Here it is:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
You can do this in ant size pan depending on how much you want.
Mix a package of taco seasoning with a large can of refried beans, and layer it out at the bottom of the pan.
Spread a layer of sour cream on top of that.
Cover the whole thing with loads of shredded Cheddar cheese, and bake it until the cheese is melted.
It is awesome!!!
Be careful who you serve this to though. It can quickly turn a happy home into fart city!!

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