NHL Expansion to 32 just took a few crazy turns

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NHL Expansion to 32 just took a few crazy turns

Postby flamethrower » Mon Dec 11, 2017 10:33 pm

New Houston Rockets owner wants an NHL franchise in his building.
Now Seattle just passed a renovation for the Key arena for over $650 Million. NHL told Seattle to get an owner group together. And, NHL will expand to Seattle for 65O Million in 2020.
Houston got told that if a franchise wants to relocate. Houston will be the first choice for the relocation franchise.

Carolina Hurricanes bought by a Dallas Mogul who was told you can't move them for 7 years.

Pacific Division with Vegas has 8 teams. Seattle would make it 9. So someone will have to move.

Also Calgary and the Flames can't agree on a Stadium to replace the Saddledome. So, the Flames might be moving sooner than later. God I hope not. I like the historic Flames vs Oilers rivalry.

Arizona also has a year lease with it's current building, and Phoenix has said no to a new arena for them. Looks like the Coyotes also are on a real short leash.

Looks like Quebec City, and Hartford Connecticut, and Hamilton Ontario might be outta luck.
1 more thing. I hope they go back to the traditional divisional names of Smythe, Norris, Adams, and Patrick. They can keep the East and West conference names thou.
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