The Mind of the Sports Superfan

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The Mind of the Sports Superfan

Postby Redskin in Canada » Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:41 am

I find New Yorker articles to be some of the best written regardless of whether I agree or disagree with the views presented in them.

This is a very interesting article worth reading in full. It also has a video interview.

The Mind of the Sports Superfan ... I1MjAzNQS2

After so many years of Washington Redskins Fandom, I consider myself a recovery person. A person who needed to get out of its system the obsession to follow the team and enjoy their success and suffer with their defeats and failures. Only sustained failure over the last two decades taught me that it was not worth sharing the frustration with my family and friends. Frankly, it was not even worth the time I would have spent doing other things whether by myself for fun or work, or with family. I let it grow and attach much of my happiness or frustration to the outcome of games and entire seasons.

I concluded a few years ago that such involvement was not healthy to myself, my family or work. Fortunately, I consider myself to have been very successful in those areas facing tremendous difficulties at times. But I concluded that I would be a much better person taking my fandom to a healthy and much more distant level compared with the past.

Just like the HOF does not define Art Monk, being a dying fan of the Washington Redskins does not define me. I am still a fan. I have the deepest admiration for some of our past players and coaches. I respect enormously some of our current players with great character. However, while I celebrate the victories of the team, I do not follow every game. I will just catch up with the news at times. I decided a long while ago not to attend games or buy any merchandise anymore. This is my vote of no confidence to the owner and his Front Office. I voted with my feet and my wallet.

I must confess that a great deal of my addiction to become a fervent fan grew up during the period from 1969 to the end of Gibbs I. I got extremely excited about Gibbs II only to arrive at the conclusion that no matter who came here, V. Lombardi, G. Allen or J. Gibbs, the problem with this organization is so toxic and sick from the top that there was no chance of success. And talking about -sick- how about considering the ONLY consolation about a dismal defeat or embarrassing season being that it does hurt the pocket of the owner and further lowers his self-esteem and reputation in the NFL?

Yes, I follow some individual stories of players and their successes and struggles. But I am a very different "fan" now. I will always follow the Washington Redskins and rejoice in their success if and when it ever happens, perhaps under a new ownership beyond my lifetime. You know I gave up with the present one.

So, yes, you can tell that I am a recovery addict. And I feel I needed to share some of my experience with you as I see fewer and fewer posters and fans all around.

But read the article, it analyses the needs we all have to rally around a group we identify our values with.

Daniel Snyder has defined incompetence, failure and greed to true Washington Redskins fans for over a decade and a half. Stay away from football operations !!!

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Re: The Mind of the Sports Superfan

Postby TexasCowboy » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:05 am

There are so many "problems" nowadays it's tough to pick a starting point to kick those all off with a big bang I agree, that fans need to learn to "step away" put down the nacho's leave the soda inside the cup and just walk away. but I've also discovered that this is hard for many to "switch off" due to the fact they don't want to be looked upon by others as some sort of bandwagon/fair weather "fan" who only drags out their gear when the team is winning and buries it in the closet when they lose

Boycotting isn't an option (see statement above)

they'd rather find silver linings and suffer often treating sports as though it's a matter of life or death while some can simply "switch it off" They do not allow sports to dictate their life they know that there are other
things in life that take presidence things that cannot be simply shut off like sports can

This is why as a long time Dallas fan I've learned to step away place no expectations on them, read the
writing on the wall, Take nothing Jones says as culpable In the end I can stay home watch the game
and walk away if I dislike what I see, My shut off switch works every time fails to matter what others

they didn't make me a fan, they aren't going to break me as one that is just how it is going to be

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