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Postby REDEEMEDSKIN » Fri Aug 26, 2005 12:15 pm

NikiH wrote:And Redeemed, you do not intend to boo Ramsey do you??

Abolutely not. Why would I boo a guy in my avatar? I am looking forward to seeing Mark in action, though. After all the ridicule he suffered last year, I'm happy to see his "resurrection". I wanna see Patrick succeed, and I will cheer for him, but if Brunell gets a shot at "REDEEMING" himself (as well as Joe's decision to sign him) I'll be very excited.

On a related note. It's funny/sad to see the same people who cheered Ramsey last year be the first to boo him this year. I supported both QBs last year, especially Mark, and, like Joe, I stand by my opinion that he can be a solid contributor for this team under center. My 2 cents

NikiH wrote:I swear I will go sick and all just to be louder then you people boo'ing MY TEAM and MY QUARTERBACK.

Relax, NikiH. It's only the pre-season. It's not worth sarificing your health to "overpower" some bumbling idiots. Get well soon, and give the fairweather fans hell during the regular season. :up:

Do me a favor people, NO FREAKING WAVE tonight!!!! Not while we have the ball.

:idea: This point deserves it's own thread. We need someone to educate the fans. :idea:
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