How good will Warwick Holdman be?

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How good will Warwick Holdman be?

Postby JPFair » Tue Aug 01, 2006 2:59 pm

Holdman will more than likely be the starter, given GW's history of bringing along rookies slowly. For some reason, I don't really remember Holdman doing anything extraordinary last season, and even the perception I get from hearing GW this morning is that he's average, at best.

What can we expect from Holdman assuming that he is our opening day starter? Does anyone have any feedback on how well he performed last season? I recall that he played quite a bit, but what's the scoop on him? I know Clemons is a pass rusing type of LB, and we all know what Marcus Washignton is capable of. I don't know enough about him yet, so obviously I've gotta keep an eye on his progress in camp and will check the camp forum for the lastest on him at camp. But I'm looking for some info from our fan base on what they thought of him last season. What are his strengths, weaknesses, etc..?
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Postby Chris Luva Luva » Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:20 pm

Defensive player of the year, right Jake?
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Postby SkinsJock » Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:27 pm

G'day JP! This does not directly answer your question or concern but I found it interesting.

Assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams characterized the competition at weak-side linebacker as "a good, heated battle." Warrick Holdman and rookie Rocky McIntosh are the headliners among a group of linebackers battling for playing time at the position.

"Warrick has done very well and Rocky is improving daily," Williams said following Tuesday morning's practice. "Chris Clemons is in the mix and Khary Campbell is in the mix. The guy who is playing the best will play the most, but we have packages for every guy and the strength that he brings."

In Williams's defensive packages, any number of players could fill in at the weak-side position. "The position is not only a linebacker," he said. "If you follow the packages we put out there, a safety plays that spot, a corner plays that spot, a defensive end plays that spot. And what kind of linebacker plays that spot? Is it a big, thick linebacker, or is it a skinny, fast linebacker. So we've had a lot of different people rotating in that spot--and we'll continue to do that."

Williams praised McIntosh's skills and demeanor. But he stressed that the rookie linebacker from Miami has plenty to learn. "Rocky can do some things that some other linebackers can't do," Williams said. "He has to get the verbiage [of the defensive packages] down and he has to get the scheme-study down. But he brings a punch. He can separate and run off a block as well as any linebacker. He may be the best linebacker I've seen in terms of getting off a block and accelerating."
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Postby Chris Luva Luva » Tue Aug 01, 2006 3:46 pm

Gregg wrote:He may be the best linebacker I've seen in terms of getting off a block and accelerating

:roll: He must have been confused, clearly he was talking about Lavar.

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Postby yupchagee » Tue Aug 01, 2006 5:06 pm

Holdman hasn't been a dominant LB in 4 yrs. At his best, he's good against the run. Never has been god at blitzes or pass coverage.
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Postby Gibbs4Life » Thu Aug 03, 2006 8:22 am

We did move up in the draft to take Rocky, I'd bet he gets the nod. Any chance we see Nehamiah Broughton in a game this year?

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Postby Deadskins » Thu Aug 03, 2006 9:36 am

Gibbs4Life wrote:Any chance we see Nehamiah Broughton in a game this year?

At weakside linebacker? Not likely!
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Postby crazyhorse1 » Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:24 am

Holdman cost us a couple of games last year, in my opinion. People run at him at will and he finished up with about 22 tackles. He's close to worthless and if he starts it means the Skins have made a major error
that will likely cost us another game or two.

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Postby Jake » Thu Aug 03, 2006 11:28 am

Chris Luva Luva wrote:Defensive player of the year, right Jake?

Yup. :-)
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