Not as bad as it sounded

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Who would you offer as a trade for a tackle?

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Not as bad as it sounded

Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Mon Aug 18, 2003 1:17 am

Hello all, I'm new here, but I ran into SkinsfanNo9 on the sidelines at camp and he steered me here to get the real low down on the Skins! :)

I was at the preseason game versus the Patriots, and the worst thing I could say about the game is that we had about 5 or 6 very bad things happen, but the majority of the game, even in the first half weren't that bad.

First of all, I was encouraged to see the defensive line getting hurries and a sack on the QBs without any major stunts or blitzes. The Skins were pulling a lot of lineup changes in the DL to see what was the best combination of linemen and I loved seeing them getting closer to the QB every series. The thing of it is, adding some stunts and LB blitzes should cause some havoc in the regular season.

Against the run, the defense looked much improved. It couldn't help but be improved as we were actually starting our front four against the patsies when we didn't versus the panthers. I don't remember who actually started against Davis and company, but it wasn't Regan, Bruce or Ladarius. The side that got victimized? You got it, the lightweight side with Brandon and the 3rd or 4th string DE over there. Once Cowsette came in and switched sides with Noble, Davis quit having the success, and Saturday, barring a couple of decent runs, the Pats had much less success on the ground with our 4 starters in there.

Versus the pass, the defense looked fairly capable. Keep in mind that Terrell fell, and the other points for the Pats came in a kick return and starting from our 40 yard line following that "beautiful" snap to Ramsey in our first series. Other than that, the Pats didn't have many major completions to speak of, and most that I can remember were stopped without much YAC.

Our running, on the other hand, looked much better, and the line did what they could considering Spurrier didn't do much to take the pressure off of Ramsey in the way of running or screens until the end of the second quarter. When you constantly line up in passing formation, Belichik is gonna nail you and we all know it. Ramsey threw 24 times and we had I think 9 runs. When we ran or threw screens, the Pats didn't blitz for a play or two after and it made things a bit better. Keep in mind that Trung only ran 6 times in the entire first half. Most of the rushing came well after the starters were gone.

The receivers did well with only one or two clearly dropped passes in the first half. Most of the incompletes were because of the constant 6 and 7 man blitzes coming in on Ramsey like a freight train. When Steve lined up with more receivers, the Pats didn't drop extra men back in many cases, they blitzed them. The good thing about it is that when we see the Pats later, we should know a bunch of their packages before we snap the ball since we have them on film.

I did see progress on both sides of the ball this week, especially since the Panthers game, however the special teams constantly ran upfield out of their lanes, curving in horribly from the outside and allowing outer containment to break and that scares the hell out of me. I hope the team starts to consider Mike Stock's replacement.

All in all, I did see some bright items like less penalties and better simple execution which was absent versus the panthers. The running was better, the recieving was better, the defense, as a whole, really only gave up 7 points. (Terrell falling I don't count as a failing of the entire defense) We had some chances to comeback, and even Johnson did ok in the second half barring a couple of mistakes that will hopefully be ironed out in the next two games.

I still hope to see Patrick and the starters for two quarters or more in the next two games to get more of a rhythm going.

I join the others in praying that it isn't as bad as it sounds for Brandon, as my wife and I met him at camp and he was a heckuva nice guy taking time to meet and sign autographs for the fans after a full pads, 93 degree, 70 percent humidity practice.

Anyone hear anything about these tackles that they are looking to pick up?

Hail Skins!

Rich in Roanoke,VA
Rich in Roanoke
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Postby BossHog » Mon Aug 18, 2003 7:00 am

Thanks for dropping by and welcome!!!

Anyone hear anything about these tackles that they are looking to pick up?

Ted Washington & Keith Traylor from Chicago are both good DT's. The Bears also have Brian Robinson which makes either Traylor or Washington expendable (probably Traylor) but I'd be a little surprised to see them give up both.

As for Lional Dalton, he was solid last year for the Broncos but Monsanto Pope has looked excellent in camp and Shanahan wants him (Pope) on the field. Dalton played in all 16 games last year and started the last 13 of them. he spent 4 years in Baltimore after joining them as undrafted free agent.
Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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