WP: Camps Open Amid Quarterback Issues

Archive of our daily coverage of the Washington Redskins' 2003-2007 Training Camps.
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WP: Camps Open Amid Quarterback Issues

Postby ANT7088 » Sat Jul 24, 2004 9:23 pm

The rampant quarterback reshuffling of the offseason now gives way to widespread quarterback intrigue on the field as NFL teams open their training camps this week.

Clubs begin reporting to camps on Tuesday, and every team will be in camp within eight days. The teams will be preparing for a 2004 season in which there will be a premium on passing, with the NFL's decision-makers having pledged to have game officials clean up clutching-and-grabbing tactics used by defensive backs to impede wide receivers. That should be a recipe for throwing success around the league, but at least seven teams open their camps uncertain about who their starters will be.

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