ESPN: Sweating Buckets

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ESPN: Sweating Buckets

Postby Jake » Tue Jul 27, 2004 3:12 pm


By the latter seasons of Tom Coughlin's eight-year tenure in Jacksonville, most of the veteran Jaguars players had become accustomed to his demanding training camps and the earlier griping largely subsided. But some Giants players complained in the spring about minicamp practices and, as a result of their grievances, New York lost two sessions of its allotted 14 organized practice days.

Coughlin is too mature a coach to bear a grudge, although he has acknowledged he feels he now knows the identities of at least some of the veterans who complained to the NFL Players Association. Vengeance or not, Coughlin is going to do the things that have made him successful, and that means tough but focused practices. This is, after all, a team that was supposed to vie for a Super Bowl berth in 2003 and won just four games. The same players who quit on Jim Fassel last season might wish they had played harder for him once they get a taste of Camp Coughlin I. The good side for Giants fans: Coughlin knows how to win and knows how to get a team prepared to play.

In Cleveland, coach Butch Davis always has run tough camps and, coming off a five-win season, and even with his viability being openly questioned by fans (including some folks in management), he isn't likely to pull back. Davis is a Jimmy Johnson devotee and feels you can't simulate game-level intensity with a bunch of seven-on-seven drills. The bet is that, despite an 11-season absence from the league, Joe Gibbs won't get soft. His camps were always orderly, disciplined and physical, and that probably won't change. ... id=1847335

The Skins, Giants, and Browns have five buckets (the toughest camp).
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