Get Your 'Joe's Back' Autograph Card!

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Postby Jake » Sat Jul 31, 2004 4:06 am

Get Your 'Joe's Back' Autograph Card!

Available at the Front Entrance--
300 Have Been Signed by Joe Gibbs!

The Home Depot will be giving away a "Joe's Back" autograph card to every fan that enters Redskins Training Camp Built by The Home Depot. Fans can use it to collect autographs from your favorite players.

Be sure to check your card--300 of them have already been autographed by Coach Gibbs. These will be distributed at random. You may be one of the lucky fans to receive one when you enter the gate!

The Home Depot will also give away coupons valid for 10 percent off your next purchase at The Home Depot stores in the area.

Be sure to stop by The Home Depot tent, where you can participate in workshops and demonstrations.
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