Looking for volunteers!

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Looking for volunteers!

Postby BossHog » Fri Jul 18, 2003 9:44 am

We're looking for anybody who is going to training camp to help us out a little. We want some remote 'roving reporters'.

I'm going to be at the start of camp, and be there until Aug. 3rd. A quick look at the schedule tells me that there will be two weeks of camp after I leave... so I'm looking for a couple of volunteers to send us some camp reports to post here. You don't have to be a pro... we're just looking for a really brief summary of the practices. Here are the dates... if you know that you're going to be there and would like to try your hand at reporting... let us know what day(s) you'll be there!!!

Monday, August 4
9:00 AM Practice, 4:00 PM Practice

Tuesday, August 5
9:00 AM Practice, 4:00 PM Practice

Wednesday, August 6
9:00 AM Practice

Thursday, August 7
9:00 AM Practice, 4:00 PM Practice

Saturday, August 9
8:00 PM at Carolina Panthers at Ericsson Stadium
Be sure to check out our F2Fa pal at http://www.pantherfreaks.com for all your Panthers info.

Sunday, August 10
Players Day Off

Monday, August 11
9:00 AM Practice, 4:00 PM Practice

Tuesday, August 12
9:00 AM Practice, 4:00 PM Practice

Wednesday, August 13
9:00 AM Practice No Practice

Thursday, August 14
9:00 AM Practice, 4:00 PM Practice


If you have pictures, that's great too. Last year we received quite a few photos from people at camp and we hope that you will continue to send them to us at campphotos@thehogs.net or photos@thehogs.net. I have posted a photo section on the boards (button at top) and you will start to see photos posted in there. I have set permissions on the photo section to moderators only for uploading pictures. This is not to discourage you from sending in any pics... just to prevent any embarassing situatons while I'm down at camp. :oops:

Just e-mail us the pics, and we'll thumbnail and post them.

A fan's eye view of camp is always the best kind. :up:
Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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