The Dez Bryant dilemma

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The Dez Bryant dilemma

Postby TexasCowboy » Tue Feb 13, 2018 3:49 pm


Hasn't had a single 1 thousand yard receiving season since 2014 and now he wants he wants 16 million, much to his detriment he can make a case that
there were things wrong aka not his fault

* the absence of Zeke for 6 games

* Dak's distractions off the field along with his inability to find his rhythm that led to passes thrown high and off

* offensive line failing to do their job

* Witten and Beasley losing steps not getting open as they should

* can even argue Dak is no Romo

But what about Dez? who now plays like a Senior Citizen, Rather than? an athlete who use to be good at what he does, I mentioned (see above) Not
a single 1 thousand yard season since 2014, Oh and did I mention the 2
fumbles he's had to go along with the # of dropped passes he's had since
2014? (10) and he's got the Gaul to act like Rod Tidwell screaming show
me the money!

I can see why Jerry is not willing to pay this guy only offering 8 million
rather 16 or even 14, he's not worth the money, If Dez thinks the open
market is gonna pay a prima donna receiver $16 million a year when all
he does is drops balls while failing to get open

then by all means walk, test the open market, nobody is dumb enough to
pay you that amount in the NFL, Not even the Browns are that dumb to
do something like that

In the end Dez IF he wants to stay a Cowboy is going to have to make a
realization, At 29 he's not the spring chicken he once was, If wants to
remain a Cowboy then he is going to have to eat hurt and do it take the
reduction in pay

the alternative is? The CFL it's the Hollywood retirement home for those
who wash out of the NFL, Some even excel during there time there, so
what do you think

release him or urge him to take a pay cut?? the floor is yours
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