Marv Levy comeback????

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Marv Levy comeback????

Postby redskincity » Wed Jan 07, 2004 11:31 pm


I had gone through a year where there were devastating injuries to the Bills. Chris Spielman's career ended with a neck injury; Damien Covington, a young kid and a fine linebacker prospect, injured his knee so badly he could never walk correctly again. These injuries were adding up and I just felt that I had done this long enough and needed a break.

But what I realized later was that I was looking for a sabbatical, and not one that lasted this long. I want to coach again. Have I been contacted or interviewed? I've talked to people but I feel it's inappropriate to divulge that at this point.

I've dwelled on this before, but the success of returning coaches like Dick Vermeil and Bill Parcells, and now Joe Gibbs, and even in baseball with Marlins manager Jack McKeon, is maybe showing that the age barrier for coaches is finally breaking down. I hope so.

2003 and 2004 is proving to be a wild ride!
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