Terrell Owens

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Terrell Owens

Postby JansenFan » Wed Mar 10, 2004 11:31 am

Maybe it's just me and I'm sorry if I am beating a dead horse here, but Terrell Owens is starting to get on my nerves. What a huge cry baby this guy is. He had the opportunity to be one of the most sought after free agents. His agent blew it, plain and simple. So, he is not a free agent, he is a 49er. The 49er's have every right to trade him to whomever they wish. If it's not popular with Terrell Owens, tough noogies. Get over it, be a man and deal with it. You screwed up! After all, if it was that important, don't you think TO would have called on the day it was due and say hey man, you file that paperwork yet?. I am tired of hearing people like TO cry and whine and try to get out of their contractual obligations. Collect your 5.3 million to play a game most of us would play for free, catch a few passes from Kyle Boller until your contract runs out and JUST SHUT UP!
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Postby NJ SKINSFAN » Wed Mar 10, 2004 12:16 pm

I couldn't agree more! I am tired of him blaming everyone else except him and his agent, he has signed a contract and he should just shut his big fat hole and play football. It is well within San Francisco's right to trade him to the team making the best offer. Good for us it was not the Eagles. They could have had him if they did not try to go cheap. A fifth rounder and James Thrash, who would take that trade :?:

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Postby hailskins666 » Wed Mar 10, 2004 10:10 pm

man i really like TO. i usually give him the benefit of the doubt. but in this situation, he's straight up trippin.
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