League Player Movement - 8/30

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League Player Movement - 8/30

Postby Justice Hog » Sat Aug 30, 2003 1:13 pm

Updated: Saturday, August 30, 2003 at 2:30 p.m. EDT (11:17)

Buffalo Bills

Released CB Marcus Floyd on 8/29.

Released OL Mike Houghton on 8/29.

Released WR Charles Johnson on 8/29.

Released S Jerton Evans on 8/29.

Released TE Brady McDonnell on 8/29.

Denver Broncos

Signed G Tyler Lenda on 8/29. Terms undisclosed.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Released S Greg Brown on 8/29.

Released S Dewayne Stukes on 8/29.

Released QB Shane Stafford on 8/29.

Released OL Jason Skukanec on 8/29.

Released CB James Rooths on 8/29.

Released LB Idris Price on 8/29.

Released DE Josh McKibben on 8/29.

Released CB Marvious Hester on 8/29.

Released DT Buck Gurley on 8/29.

Released OL Dan Goodspeed on 8/29.

Released WR Todd Elstrom on 8/29.

Released LB Michael Brown on 8/29.

Released CB Ronyell Whitaker on 8/29.

Arizona Cardinals

Signed CB Emmanuel McDaniel (Panthers) to a 1-year contract. Terms undisclosed.

Miami Dolphins

Released DT Maurice Anderson on 8/29.

Released DE Corey Callens on 8/29.

Released FB Sedrick Irvin on 8/29.

Released DT Damonte McKenzie on 8/29.

Released QB Lon Sheriff on 8/29.

Released P Kevin Stemke on 8/29.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Released FB Dan Alexander on 8/30.

Released CB Ike Charlton on 8/30.

Released DE Marco Coleman on 8/30.

Released DT Chris Combs on 8/30.

Released WR Donald Hayes on 8/30.

Released OL Drew Inzer on 8/30.

Released OL Daryl Terrell on 8/30.

Released DE Matt Cercone on 8/30.

Released S Abdual Howard on 8/30.

Released CB Jason Olford on 8/30.

Released CB Willie Miles on 8/30.

New York Jets

Released RB Raymonn Adams on 8/30.

Released QB Marquel Blackwell on 8/30.

Released QB Todd Husak on 8/30.

Released CB Troy Grant on 8/30.

Released WR Phil McGeoghan on 8/30.

Released WR Carlos Rosado on 8/30.

Released S Ralph Parent on 8/30.

Released DT Salem Simon on 8/30.

Released OT Chris Smith on 8/30.

Released OT Michael Thompson on 8/30.

Detroit Lions

Released WR T.C. Taylor on 8/29.

Released DT Toby Golliday on 8/29.

Released WR Pierre Brown on 8/29.

Green Bay Packers

Released WR Mike Horacek on 8/29.

Released WR Jorq Heckenbach on 8/29.

Released S Jeremy Unertl on 8/29.

Released S Bobby Jackson on 8/29.

Released RB Adam Tate on 8/29.

Released P Tim Morgan on 8/29.

Released DE Jermaine Petty on 8/29 after reaching an injury settlement.

Released LB Isaac Keys on 8/29.

Oakland Raiders

Released WR Corey Parchman on 8/29 after reaching an injury settlement.

St. Louis Rams

Released S Steve Bellisari on 8/29.

Released OG James Broyles on 8/29.

Released CB Todd Howard on 8/29.

Released S Robbie Robinson on 8/29.

Released LB Jason McWilliams on 8/29.

Released TE Brian Natkin on 8/29.

Released DT Jeremy Staat on 8/29.

Release OG Scott Tercero on 8/29.

Baltimore Ravens

Released DE Riddick Parker on 8/30.

Released LB Johnny Rutledge on 8/30.

Released DT Nate Bolling on 8/30.

Released RB Ryan Brewer on 8/30.

Released LB Chris Brown on 8/30.

Released WR Todd Devoe on 8/30.

Released P Derrick Frost on 8/30.

Released TE Lamar Hill on 8/30.

Released CB Airabin Justin on 8/30.

Released WR Marc Lester on 8/30.

Released WR Chisom Opara on 8/30.

Released OT Lawrence Smith on 8/30.

Released LS Mike Solwold on 8/30.
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