Pierre-Paul’s recovery time at 12 weeks

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Pierre-Paul’s recovery time at 12 weeks

Postby 1niksder » Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:31 pm

Giants put Pierre-Paul’s recovery time at 12 weeks

The Giants have confirmed our report from this morning about defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s back surgery, and they’ve pegged his recovery time at around 12 weeks.

In a story posted at the team’s official website, Pierre-Paul said efforts to manage the problem weren’t working, so the decision was made to have surgery.

“My back has been bothering me for a while, and even last season I played through some back issues,” Pierre-Paul said. “The treatment I’ve been doing has helped manage the issue, but this procedure is going to get me fully healthy and there should be no more pain. I’m going to do everything the doctors tell me to do during my rehab so I can be back playing the game I love at a high level as quickly as possible.”

The microdiscetomy (which we’re told went well, with a complete recovery expected) was performed by Dr. Robert Watkins, the same doctor who will perform surgery on Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

“Jason has been experiencing lower back pain that past couple months,” said Ronnie Barnes, Giants senior vice president of medical dervices. “He has managed the discomfort with treatment and core strengthening exercises. Last week, he was examined by Drs. Russell Warren and Frank Cammisa at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Both felt this procedure was the most prudent course of action. Dr. Watkins, after examining Jason yesterday, agreed. We expect a full and complete recovery.”

Now that everyone agrees a full recovery is expected, the timeline becomes a concern, since 12 weeks puts him close to the start of the regular season.

12 weeks :shock: That's his projected recovery time, that puts him into the first week of September, :idea: that's not the time it'll take to be in playing shape... just recovery time. :twisted:

That's not good news for the Gnats :D

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