Tagliabue yearns to be admitted to HoF

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Tagliabue yearns to be admitted to HoF

Postby welch » Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:12 pm

I say, "no".

Tagliabue became commissioner in 1989 and served 17 years. In 1994, two star players retired with serious head injuries from repeated concussions. Tagliabue responded by establishing the oxymoronically named Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee. At the urging of Leon Hess, then the Jets’ owner, Tagliabue tapped a rheumatologist, Elliot Pellman, to direct that panel. This doctor had no expertise in head injuries and remained on the Jets’ payroll.

“Concussions are part of the profession, an occupational risk,” Pellman told reporters in 1994. It’s “like a steelworker who goes up 100 stories.”

Pellman’s panel worked at a languorous pace.

Thirteen years later, Congress asked Roger Goodell, who ascended to commissioner after serving as Tagliabue’s Man Friday, about the committee’s promised report. We have more data to crunch, Goodell replied. He did not know “when this study will be completed.”

In fact, Pellman labored to discredit the studies documenting a link between crushing hits and brain injuries. Scientists said he pressured them to remain silent. In fact, it was Pellman’s research that ended up being discredited.

Pellman also published reports in an accommodating medical journal. In 2005, Pellman and his colleagues argued that concussed players often could return to play in the same game or the next week: “Players who sustained multiple concussions did not perform more poorly than those with a single injury.”

Full story at:

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/03/spor ... front&_r=0

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