This season has been boring

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This season has been boring

Postby HEROHAMO » Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:29 am

Seriously I can't remember being less excited about an Nfl season.
I miss seeing hard hits. I understand the importance of a players health being 1st priority. However I doubt the NFL 1st concern is a players well being. Up until cte, deaths and lawsuits the NFL was fine with bone jarring hits.

I really feel like the NFL should push technology forward. Its 2017 by now we should have a uniform, equipment, playing field and environment which would allow for the game to be played the same way its always
been played.

Roger Goodell has to be the worst commissioner in my lifetime.
Ever since he has taken over the league has gone downhill.

I really havent sat down and finished a full game this year.
Usually there are a few games that literally draw me in. This year not so much. Lack of starpower?

Missing dominant defense.
The rules of been so much more towards offense and high scoring now. So much so I cant identify
a great defense in the league.
In the past it was always fun to see a great offense go against a great defense.

Its a number of things. Im not exactly sure what it is that is making this season so boring for me.
Maybe go back to what worked in the past?

Sean Taylor starting free safety Heavens team!

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