Top 5 NFL Columns - September 22nd

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Top 5 NFL Columns - September 22nd

Postby PSD » Mon Sep 22, 2003 2:13 pm

No NFL rumors at all again today. It's been pretty slow lately, but luckily there are still some good columns to be found.


‘Even-keeled' Kerry Steadies The Ship
New York Post columnist Steve Serby: "It was 21-3 at the half and 21-21 at the end of regulation and the Kardiac Giants, their lack of killer-instinct absolutely killing them, were on their way to finding yet another maddening, infuriating way to lose. But Kerry Collins wouldn't let them."

Excessive use of running back can be addictive
Orlando Sentinel columnist David Whitley: "When the going gets tough, as it often does, they turn to Williams. He delivered again Sunday night, and it unleashed a rush of relief and joy all over South Florida. It was like a drug. The danger is, Miami may become overly addicted."

Here was the beginning of the end
San Jose Mercury News columnist Skip Bayless: "I'm tired of hearing Terrell Owens talk bigger than he plays. I'm tired of watching the same old Greg `Take a' Knapp call red-zone plays that make Steve Mariucci look like Bill Walsh."

Can't Fake This Kind Of Desperation
New York Post columnist George Willis: "It resembled the 'You play to win the game!' speech of last season. The emotion, the frustration and the defiance was the same. Jets coach Herman Edwards was defending his decision to fake a field goal with the Jets trailing 6-3 with 10:18 left in the second quarter of yesterday's game against the Patriots."

Bulger beats himself up after letting the Rams down
St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bryan Burwell: "So there was Marc Bulger standing in front of his locker stall late Sunday afternoon, facing his postgame inquisitors with his usual flat-lined expression that never changes no matter whether his dog had died or J Lo told him he was replacing Ben Affleck as her significant other."

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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Mon Sep 22, 2003 5:02 pm

Hey PSD, do you communicate with other columnists and tv reporters? Just curious to see if most have changed their viewpoints on P Ram or the Skins....

I would love to know about some of the personalities too... what are they like behind the mike? ::Grin::

I know that isn't your mandate, but on slow news days throw us a juicy one about Howie or something ::chuckle::
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Postby PSD » Mon Sep 22, 2003 11:46 pm


Sorry, no gossip to report.

Most of my correspondance with columnists has to do with my site, so I don't get to hear much behind the scenes stuff. If I hear anything bad about Howie, I'll let you know. :D


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