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New Message Board Procedures

Postby JansenFan » Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:39 am

Many of you are aware that BossHog started a new job last year. Due to time constraints that this has placed on him, we at THN have decided to alter board procedure a bit until further notice. The biggest changes are that I will now handle all issues pertaining to board discipline and/or public problems (which Mark used to handle), and Irn-Bru has been made the official head moderator for the board.

If you have sent private messages (PMs) to BossHog recently and are awaiting a response, please send them to either Irn-Bru or me and we'll handle your concern. If you have any problems in the future with the board, please direct those concerns by PM to Irn-Bru or me.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few things. These are not so much changes as they are a clarification and reinforcement. (Think: the way the NFL 'reinforced' illegal contact penalties recently ;)):

* The moderators and staff at THN are committed to handling as many problems as we can privately, for many reasons. This is one reason why it's best to leave moderating to moderators: 95% of what we do is behind the scenes; if you've noticed something, it's probably already being taken care of. By the same token, we ask that you do not start threads to complain about board policy or how you may have been treated by a mod or staff member. Doing so guarantees that you won't get the solution you were hoping for. For all complaints, PM or e-mail me or Irn-Bru.

* Remember that staff members and moderators were regular board members before they joined our team. They are still free to participate in board discussions and will have their own personal opinions. And unless a staff or moderator makes it clear that they are acting as as moderator, DO NOT assume that they are. We ask our moderators to keep personal and 'official' posts separate. So if two staff members happen to disagree with you in the same thread, do not assume that 'The Staff' is going after you. (And even if you think you are being picked on, the proper way to respond is to PM me or Irn-Bru.)

* This means that when a moderator or staff member asks everyone to stay on topic, sends you a private message, warns about personal attacks, or takes any other official action as a moderator, you are obliged by the board rules, which you agreed to in signing up, to follow their direction. Even if you think a ruling is unjust or unfair, LISTEN to the moderator and send your concern to me or Irn-Bru via PM (see the pattern? ;)). When a moderator acts in his/her official capacity, they have the complete backing of Irn-Bru and myself.

* We will not tolerate board members questioning, mocking, or otherwise airing dirty laundry in public. We try to do everything in private when possible, as indicated above, and we merely ask the same courtesy from you.

As I said, these are not so much changes as they are a clarification. We think that our board policies set apart THN from other Redskins message boards, and we hope to preserve the 'feel' that has made this board special. We are committed to keeping this an OPEN forum where anyone can post their views, period. All we ask is that you follow the rules for the PG forums and keep all profanity and personal attacks to the Smack forum. We have NEVER censored anyone who followed the rules, and we do not intend to start now.

If any of this is unclear or sounds like news, please take a few moments to read the site rules. We are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

On behalf of the entire staff, thanks for your cooperation.
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