Hello, just joined!

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Hello, just joined!

Postby Reaganaut » Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:36 pm

Hello fellow abused fans!

I used to post for years on Extremeskins and was excommunicated about three years ago for sharing unflattering information about the absolute craziness of a certain unnamed individual who may or may not own the team. I'm pretty respectful and had a great reputation on ES as one of the first hundred people who joined it. I was pretty edgy and opinionated, but was well loved... except by the owner's pool cleaners. The final nail in the coffin was when I created a signature banner with a photo of the Black Widows from Any Which Way You Can (movie) wearing colorful wigs as a policeman laughs at their pathetic appearance. I labelled the leader Cholla as Danny and Elmo as Vinny.

John Riggins actually saw my sig file and referred to it in one of his fireside videos which lampooned the owner.

Banned for life or Badge of honor. I look at it as a badge of honor.

I used to go to games several times a season, but as televisions have gotten better and I've become more of cheapskate, I would rather watch here and save my rants for my two cats. My wife actually got zero push back from me recently when mid game, she changed the channel to watch a Kardashian show. My strength as a fanatical fan is so weak now that it's more interesting to watch Bruce Jenner get his testicles mashed by his pimp wife than to lose my voice yelling that DeSean Jackson is wide open.

I joined to commiserate with the rest of you. Here's a little about me:

I'm 51 years old.
I have about fifteen Skins jerseys, three coats, ten pairs of socks, seat cushions...
I have been to the Richmond facility last year and this year. Love it.
Sonny Jurgenson once hit on my mom when she worked as manager of an apt bldg in Falls Church (she was cute)
Everyone I know buys me Skins gear for Christmas. I'm blessed.
I absolutely LOATHE the owner of the team and the lawyers he has running every aspect of the organization.
I believe that local Cowboys fans are contrarian anti-Redskins fans.
I ask all Cowboys fans in bars whether they've ever been to Texas. I then ask them if they wear Michael Jordan Jerseys and Derek Jeter hats.
I call the Cowboys quarterback Romosexual.
I love how the Giants are managed and coached. I cheered them when they beat New England.
I utterly LOATHE Bill Belichick and Tommie Bundchen the QB.
No matter how hard I try, I just can't adopt the Ravens.
I believe that the stadium at Raljon was built on a Native American burial ground... (it just has to be.)
I LOATHE every single politician and left wing communist who wants the team to change its name.
My name Reaganaut is a tip of my hat to the greatest political leader of my lifetime.
I'm in DC so politics is just part of the background. I quit politics as a profession fifteen years ago due to burnout.
I am sick in my heart at all the blue state rejects that have moved down here from the north who proudly wear their team colors and laugh at our misery with the crummy teams we field every year.
I will NEVER forgive the owner for hiring Vinny Cerrato.
I like Jay Gruden.
I love Robert Griffin III.
I am so so on Bruce Allen.

That's me. I hope to offer some incisive comments on the team from time to time. I'm kind of an idiot savant. Mostly idiot, but when I shine it's pretty brightly.



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Re: Hello, just joined!

Postby Countertrey » Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:37 pm


You commiserating, or what? :-s
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