Parcells... it's showtime...

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Parcells... it's showtime...

Postby BossHog » Sun Nov 02, 2003 9:47 am


"It's showtime," Parcells said. "Either you've got it or you don't have it. And when this month is over, I'll know a lot more about the Dallas Cowboys, the people on the Dallas Cowboys and where the future will be for some of those people."

Such a statement is a major change for Parcells, who has talked ever since he arrived about week-by-week improvement. The adjustment is because of how much Dallas has improved. Its next victory will top the win total for each of the past three seasons.

"We're a first-place team now," Parcells said. "We have an opportunity to do some things here that maybe going into the season not that many people, maybe including the players, thought we had a chance to do. ...

"They're at a time, too, with their team where they got to find where they're going."

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