Live play by play over the internet?

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Live play by play over the internet?

Postby ike075 » Thu Nov 13, 2003 1:38 am

I am a big Redskins fan living in NY Giants town. Last year I was able to listen to all the games for FREE over the Internet. This year before the pre-season I decided it was time to get broadband so I can hear the game without it cutting out often. To my dismay the NFL has the nerve to charge to listen to the radio. When the game has not been on TV here in NY I have been occasionally lucky where I could find the opposing teams radio station and for example last week still enjoy listen to the game for FREE. Personally I am upset that they are charging and it is that reason I am not will to shell out the measly 20-30 bucks. Does anyone know if there are any places on the web that I can listen to REDSKINS football for FREE the way it is meant to be. I would be even happier if it was a Washington station so I don't have to hear the opposing teams jockeys trash my slow but still resilient redskins?

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Postby BossHog » Thu Nov 13, 2003 7:31 am

No such luck I'm afraid Ike, but welcome aboard.

There are NO Redskins streams available on the net. Infinity owns broadcasting rights and they do not stream ANY of their content.

Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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