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go with rb then the dl.

Postby gibbsfan » Wed Jan 14, 2004 11:02 am

i would look into a running back with w/speed and power that runs thruthe tacklesand then i would look at the defensive line thru the draft also but not forgetting whats in free agency either.i would like to see joe gwt aggressive in the draft more so than free agency.

here is my take - rb-draft-dt-draft with a firm eye on the free agent market -te-market or even go draft one but i,m leaning toward ol there as well. and in the late rounds if they have a couple left go toward the secondary on defense.
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Postby pgraham » Wed Jan 14, 2004 11:36 am

I keep reading alot about our needing a running back. Personally I hope Coach Gibbs takes a good look at Ladell Betts. He ran pretty well when he was healthy. I know he's not a big Riggins type bruiser, but as a young guy coming into his third year maybe they should give him a real shot to be the #1.

Redskins fans talk alot about wanting to develop our own players through the draft, but we're already giving up on a second round pick?

I agree, why not develop our own guys.

BTW, I also hope that all of the excitment that you (me too) have about Mr. Gibbs coming back to coach isn't a fluke. [/i]

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Staley is too inconsistant

Postby TopHawg » Wed Jan 14, 2004 3:43 pm

Staley has had too much of a problem with injuries and so has Betts. What I think was Betts' biggest advantage is that he is an unknown back ho peple underestimated. He doesn't have near the strength and and skill of a Kevin jones or Greg Jones. He'd be a good back-up back but in the type of offense that Gibbs runs, I just don't think he has what it takes. Staley is greedy and injury prone. The last thing we need on this team is inconsistancy from someone who plays as big of a role on the team as a running back. And remember Joe Gibbs signed on for 5 years how long will these backs last. Why not get a young fresh back with the potential to be premier int his league to stick around with Coach Gibbs so if it doesn't work out this year they have 4 more years to get it right. Let's think a little down the line here guys.

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Postby redskincity » Wed Jan 14, 2004 5:23 pm

Some people just dont like instant grits.

I do hope Betts gets the starting job. I still like Trung, once he gets going he hauls azz.
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Postby JOJATK » Wed Jan 14, 2004 11:17 pm

hailskins666 wrote:
i think both are me first guys.

Hi guys and gals, I'm a lifetime 'Skins fan and first time poster. This is a great board and I am as excited as all the rest of you nuts about Joe Gibbs coming back home!!!

Anyway, I wanted to chime in a bit on this "me first" player debate. This has always struck me as a bit strange because one thing I've always tried to keep in mind is that the average career span of these guys is miniscule and while they will make lots of money in that short time frame once they are done the "team" isn't going to do a thing for them. Of course I'm not talking about guys who are around forever that a team would always employ like a Darrell Green (one of the classiest players ever).

So why does a guy owe undying loyalty to a team when the teams don't reciprocate? Now let me also say something else. I watched Champ Bailey from high school through college and when he came out of college I was thrilled that the 'Skins took him despite being a fan of his college's arch rival, Georgia Tech. He has always been a very classy player and a dedicated individual in terms of his work ethic and I've never seen anything in his on the field behavior to indicate that he is giving his teammates less than 150% performance.

I really believe that lots of these guys who strive to be payed as much as they can over their short careers get mislabeled as "me first" guys. Just because they are looking out for #1 (and quite frankly if they don't do it then nobody will) doesn't mean they aren't also giving their teammates everything they've got on the field.

Let me say that this is just my opinion and I respect other views as well and would be interested in other interpretations and observations.

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Postby hailskins666 » Thu Jan 15, 2004 12:29 am

good post jojatk. the thing i question bailey on is the off field antics. is he a good corner...YES. is he worth more than the 6 mil a year he turned down....NO. bailey didn't have a good year to back up his strong contract rebuttal. he(like many others) made the pro bowl on reputation alone. and while i agree, looking out for number 1 is key, a 6 mil a year salary isn't exactly poverty..... My 2 cents
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