I don't want to trade Betts

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I don't want to trade Betts

Postby skinsfanno9 » Mon Aug 18, 2003 7:55 am

The post is saying that we might trade Betts for a DT. I know we REALLY need a DT but I want to see Betts in action before we move him. My fear is he might be awesome this year (he started looking that way near the end of last year) and he is probably the best inside runner we have.

I would rather give up a draft pick or possibly Watson over him. I would hate it if he has a 1400 yard year with someone else and we struggle inside the tackles. :oops:


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Postby learnnew » Mon Aug 18, 2003 9:04 am

DL needs are very crucial now. So I wouldn't be surprised even though I don't like that one bit. I guess we could send Kenny Watson instead, but I'd rather wait till Betts plays before making that decision.

But things like this seem to happen to the Skins way too much, don't they? Shoot!

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