What about the job Smoot did?

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What about the job Smoot did?

Postby skinsfanno9 » Tue Sep 16, 2003 12:27 am

Yes, Ramsey and Coles and the LBs and Champ were great, better than sliced bread in that game. But what about Smoot?

Too often have we seen him talk and not deliver. He really delivered this game. Anyone even hear McCord's name being mentioned? The last time this guy started (last game last year) he got monster yards. Talk about a non-factor this game - Smoot cleaned this guy's clock!~

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Postby redskinfan » Tue Sep 16, 2003 12:38 am

hell yea,i agree completley!!I for one like smoot a whole lot.for only 2 now 3 seasons in the nfl he's the shizzit and hes only gonna get better!!!

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Postby Texas Hog » Tue Sep 16, 2003 11:45 am

he did a good job, but could have had a pick....not as easy as the one Champ dropped...but he could have caught it
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Postby Chris Luva Luva » Tue Sep 16, 2003 10:22 pm

yea, congrats to smoot. He's playing a lot better this year.

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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Tue Sep 16, 2003 10:58 pm

He has done well, only really getting burnt once, and not really - that one catch where he gave too much cushion in the Jets game and the WR really made him look bad - but otherwise he has done well.
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