don't you...

Washington Redskins' Game Day discussions for 2003, 2004, and 2005
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don't you...

Postby hailskins666 » Sun Sep 28, 2003 3:32 pm

...just love when spurrier pouts during a field goal???? i know i do. guy wants the ball in the endzone, not through the uprights....
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Postby ideagirl » Sun Sep 28, 2003 4:45 pm

Yep, unlike "Awh Shucks Norv". He was happy with just about anything. Geez. It was 6 years too long on his contract IMHO.

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Postby NC43Hog » Sun Sep 28, 2003 10:16 pm

Amen Ideagirl.

I got so tired of all the media saying how raw a deal he got in DC, like 7 years wasn't long enough to produce a winner - which he never really came close to.
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Postby BossHog » Mon Sep 29, 2003 2:25 am

Norval always wanted to be a Cowboy... and he always will.

His departure was definitely belabored far too long.
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Postby learnnew » Mon Sep 29, 2003 6:03 am

guys, don't forget SOS is the guy who wrote in some survey to new NFL coaches for a question that went like, "the most under-appreciated aspect of your offense": "touchdown passes" :)
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Postby newshog » Tue Sep 30, 2003 11:18 am

Even better, it was in answer to "the most underrated aspect of the game."

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of Sep. 22, 2002:

The eight new NFL coaches were asked to identify the most underrated aspect of the game. Dom Capers of Houston and Marty Schottenheimer of San Diego said, "Special teams."

Not surprisingly, Steve Spurrier of Washington said, "Touchdown passes."

The others:

    Bill Callahan of Oakland: "Character, heart and desire."

    Tony Dungy of Indianapolis: "Amount of weekly preparation needed to get a team prepared for Sunday."

    John Fox of Carolina: "The concept of team and points."

    Mike Tice of Minnesota: "Tackling."

    Jon Gruden of Tampa Bay: "Offseason program and great assistant coaches."

I'm with you, learnnew--I love our coach's answer!
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Postby Texas Hog » Tue Sep 30, 2003 1:57 pm

I like the pouting, but would love to see more emphasis on discipline, special teams and fundamentals (particularly on the d-side / tackling).
God bless our troops and Joe Gibbs.
We'll miss you, Joe.

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Postby skinsfaninroanoke » Tue Sep 30, 2003 5:47 pm

I would've gone with you on that TH... fundamentals (cause it seems like when you get paid 6-7 figures your brains go on vacation and you need to relearn 12 years of football all over again) and tackling. I have never been so disgusted when I watch the people not run through the Skins, but through their limp wristed tackling.

They haven't tackled well since Pettibon was the DC. When you got hit by any of the front seven, you didn't stay standing up. Period. Now? Even when we stop people for losses, a lot of times it takes a gang to tackle someone cause they keep getting away.

I know we went through tackle drills every practice.
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Postby Texas Hog » Wed Oct 01, 2003 10:10 am

Amen, feelings exactly.

Although I love Lavar as an impact player and his attitude towards winning and the organization....he too would rather go for the "big hit" than a sure tackle and sometimes you see him flying by while the opponent goes rushing by into the secondary....and on to score.

Guess my feelings are that although I love the Skins scoring points and SS's emphasis on "passing TDs"....I know that defense wins championships and can wait to return to the day of a run-stuffing, pressuring defense that dares an opponent to try and beat us either on the ground or through the air....creating turnovers, sacks and just making life a living hell on the opposition's offense.

Anyone remember the Skin's last shut-out?
God bless our troops and Joe Gibbs.
We'll miss you, Joe.

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