Nice article on Sean

In memory of Sean Taylor. Please post all thoughts, well-wishes and prayers here.
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Nice article on Sean

Postby BossHog » Fri Nov 30, 2007 8:08 am

Good to know there is some decency out there...

At Redskins Park, Williams and Moss also shared emotional anecdotes about Taylor. Williams, who often has spoken of the "tough love" he gave Taylor over the years, was often seen getting in Taylor's face on the sidelines.

"He could see me losing it a little," Williams said. "And he would look at me and smile and say, 'Hey, coach that play is over, get on to the next one.' He would immediately put me into 'I have a job to do.' We had a synergy back and forth in those difficult times, but we built that trust and love for each other."

Williams said memories of Taylor have helped him focus on football this week.

"When I got the phone call and was grieving strongly, I felt a presence," he said. "And the presence I felt was 'Coach, that play's over, get onto the next. I'm watching you.' I got a job to do. Get on to the next. He's watching me."

Sage advice, and very touching...

Rest of the article here

The article also explains that Portis will NOT be wearing #21 this week:
"Time after time I always told you all that he was the best player I've ever seen," Portis said. "For me to put that jersey on, I can't live up to those expectations. I can't be Sean Taylor, so I wouldn't even try."
Sean Taylor was one of a kind, may he rest in peace.

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Postby REDEEMEDSKIN » Fri Nov 30, 2007 8:26 am

I read those tidbits last night, and I agree, they were very nicely done. With some many people hurting right now, it was classy of them to focus on the good, rather than retread old information.

Big ups to Portis. I pray that he could pull himself together this weekend and focus on honoring Sean through his play this week.

As a matter of fact, I pray that all of our Skins have peace in their hearts and in their minds so that they would not be unecessarily vulnerable to injury on the field.
Back and better than ever!

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