Alex Ovechkin Named a Finalist for Hart Trophy

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Postby GSPODS » Sat May 03, 2008 5:04 pm

KazooSkinsFan wrote:
GSPODS wrote:
KazooSkinsFan wrote:
GSPODS wrote:The argument is whether the MVP is the league's best player, or the league's most valuable player to his team

Actually I quoted the statement "most valuable to his team" and geared my argument toward that. I specifically said I don't argue that O is the best individual player. Lidstrom's entire game is geared toward running the D and feeding the O, not performing amazing individual feats.

While I realize an argument can be made for Lidstrom, I hope you realize you'll never make a convincing enough argument for him on a message board overloaded with Capitals fans. We are homers and proud of it.

In reality, the most valuable player on any team is the goaltender.

I'm under no illusion that he "will" win. I just think he should. I don't think any Wings fans think Lidstrom will win MVP. We just think he should. Just so you know if I haven't mentioned it to you before, "Kazoo" is short for "Kalamazoo" Michigan, where I'm originally from. I like all the Detroit teams except Football. I moved to the DC area when I was 13 and was there most of the next 20 years. The Lions don't want to win and never have. As soon as I started following the Skins they became my team.

I caught the Kazoo reference a long time ago. I spent about six months on an engineering project in Grand Rapids several years ago. I don't think there's a team in the NHL that wouldn't like to have Niklas Lidstrom. I think most teams would take two of him over any two defensemen they have on their roster. I could say the same of very few other players, but Ovechkin might be one of them.

Not a Matt Millen fan? Who is? I don't even think his mother and his wife believe he has the first clue. Barry Sanders would still be running if that team had ever had a remotely competent front office.

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Postby KazooSkinsFan » Sat May 03, 2008 5:13 pm

GSPODS wrote:Not a Matt Millen fan? Who is? Barry Sanders would still be running if that team had ever had a remotely competent front office.

I've been a Skins fan predating both of them. They would be the best two examples I can think of as proof the organization sucks. Millen because he's still there. Sanders because of how he left. The guy filled the seats of a mediocre to bad team for a decade and was about to break every record in the book. Never caused a problem, never made a complaint. One day on the verge of rewriting the record book he retired and said the most outspoken criticism of his career, "I'm tired of losing." No elaboration, no further criticism, that was it. When asked if he'd play for a playoff caliber team he said yes. When teams approached the Lions to trade they made ridiculous trade demands. Instead of thanking him for all he'd done for the team they let him retire rather then let him go. Still he never uttered a word against them. Even my brother, who is still a Lions fan agreed had the team had a shred of decency they would have cut him or at least made sure a trade went through. Those two really show the organization for what it is, a Ford family hobby. Who cares about winning? They were always like that. When we played them in the NFC championship game I had no more interest in the Lions then anyone else we ever play.
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