Underrated OL prospects in 2010 draft

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Underrated OL prospects in 2010 draft

Postby NEWSKINSFAN119 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:29 am

We all know about Russell Okung ,Anthony Davis , Bruce Campbell and others but here is a list of ten underrated offensive linemen in this years draft class.

Rodger Saffold 6'5" 310 lbs G/T University of Indiana

Saffold is a good collegiate lineman who started at left tackle for three consecutive years at Indiana. He lacks the massive stature that teams are looking for in a left tackle and may be lacking a step in quickness to play on the left side but should be able to find a home on the right side or even inside at guard. He has above-average initial quickness and does a good job of getting a fit with his hands to control and steer opponents on by the hole or pocket. He understands blocking angles and does a good job of recognizing stunts and twists up front and keeps his head on a swivel when in pass pro. While he doesn't really jump off the screen at you, the end result is that he consistently gets the job done and often makes it look pretty easy.

Kyle Calloway 6'6" 323 lbs. T University of Iowa

Calloway is the other Iowa linemen in the draft . He is not an elite athlete but has enough initial quickness to get out to pick up the edge rusher. He has excellent hand use and will consistently work to finish his blocks off and has a bit of a nasty temperament on the field. Enough of a knee bender to stay under his pads and will bring his feet with him to sustain and redirect blocks with movement. While he has played tackle on both sides as well as some at guard his best position is probably going to be on the right side in the NFL.

Mike Johnson 6'5" 312 lbs. G/T University of Alabama

Johnson is an all day sucker that, while he doesn’t dominate or punish opponents, simply knows how to get the job done. He has played and started at both guard positions as well as both tackle positions while at Alabama. He understands angles as well as his limitations and does an excellent job of not letting himself get into situations that expose his weaknesses. He lacks top sand in his lower body and can be driven back into the pocket by powerful interior defensive linemen. He is the kind of player that finds a way to become productive blockers at the next level.

Erik Cook 6'6" 318 lbs. G/T/C University of New Mexico

Cook has been a quality offensive lineman for the Lobos over the past three years and has started at all three positions: tackle, guard and center. He may be a little tall for the center position as he would be facing a lot of nose tackles that would have a natural leverage advantage on him. He is a natural knee bender that does a good job of playing with a good pad level and will leverage his blocks. He can struggle when opponents get to, or past, the edge and he needs to recover and square back up on the block. He lacks the lateral range to play on the edge and is best suited to play guard or center where he has the potential to eventually develop into an adequate starter.

Brandon Carter 6'6" 329 lbs. G Texas Tech University

Carter is a three-year starter at guard for the Red Raiders and has played a lot of football over the years. He will show some nastiness in his blocks but sometimes lets it get personal and has been known to get flagged for penalties at inopportune times. He is a mauler and a brawler as a blocker that can smother opponents once he gets his hands on them but will struggle when reacting to movement or when in space. Carter is probably too limited, athletically, to be a top line starter in the NFL but could find a niche as a backup that could start in a pinch.

Ciron Black 6'4" 327 lbs. T Louisiana State University

Black has been a very productive left tackle for one of the best programs in the country for the past four years and understands how to get the job done. He relies more on strength and raw power than he does foot agility and lateral range. He is a decent knee bender and does a good job of keeping his pad level down. Once he gets his hands on opponents it is generally all over save for the shouting. He does not back down from a challenge but could show a bit more intensity and nastiness in his blocking. While Black lacks the premier lateral quickness and range to play on the left side at the next level he should handle the move to the right side with little difficulty.

Jeff Byers 6'3" 301 lbs. G/C University of Southern California

Byers has played a lot of football at USC and has started at both guard and center, which will be a plus at the next level in that he has position versatility. He is a tough, try-hard type of blocker who will fight and scratch to try and get the job done. He is not always efficient with his footwork and will take too many steps when coming out on the pull or when releasing to get out to the second level. He is quick to recognize stunts and games up front and will make the quick decision without hesitation. He does a good job of getting a fit with his hands and has enough hand pop and strength to control his opponent's pads and steer him away from the lane. He is the kind of lineman coaches love but has too many holes, physically, to be a sure-fire player over the long term.

Zane Beadles 6'4" 310 lbs. G/T University of Utah

Beadles is a four-year starter that played guard in 2006 but has been Utah’s starting left tackle for the past three years. He will require some re-tooling becuase he is used to playing out of a two point stance and needs to line up with a hand on the ground in the NFL. He is an adequate athlete that would struggle with the kind of speed coming off the edge in the NFL and needs to move back inside to guard. He understands angles and blocking schemes and should be a quick study at the next level.

Jon Asamoah 6'4" 305 lbs. G University of Illinois

Asamoah is a three year starter for the Illini and has the foot agility, body control, and intelligence to play on either side of the center. He is exceptionally quick into his blocks and has the ability to make reach blocks on opponents playing on his edge. He is a good knee bender but will allow his pads to get a bit high at times and will overextend at times causing him to struggle when having to recover and right himself against good counter moves. He is more finesse than powerful or explosive but does show good lower body strength to hunker down and stop the bull rush.

Mike Tepper 6'5" 324 lbs. G/T University of California Berkley

Tepper started at left tackle for the Bears during his senior year after missing his fifth year and being granted a sixth year by the NCAA. Previously he had started on the right side and that is probably a better fit at the next level. Tepper also missed the 2005 season after major surgery to repair a broken leg suffered in a car accident. He is an adequate athlete with above average body control and a good feel for angles and how to position himself. He can struggle when out in space and may eventually slide inside to guard to compensate for his lack of lateral range. He is a bit top heavy and will overextend into blocks too often causing him to lose balance or fall off blocks.

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Postby chiefhog44 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:18 pm

How about the best lineman in the draft.

Bryan Bulaga
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Postby jmoss10686 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:05 pm

Charles Brown has the potential to be a premier left tackle down the road

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Postby jmoss10686 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 11:05 pm

Oh and Trent Williams is the second best OT in this year's draft

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